Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Daily Goal

On Monday afternoon I had my annual "meds check" appointment to make sure my meds were doing what they should. The allergy medication seems to be doing its job - I've had a super winter and spring. My blood pressure was high, but that could be because the cuff didn't work the first time. Or it could be because I've gained weight since last year. Which brings me to another health issue. Last year I had to go on a diet because my liver function numbers were off. I discovered I have fatty liver disease, and my liver was working too hard because of all the fat deposits in my liver. So I had to cut back on the fat. I lost twenty pounds and the numbers went back to normal.

Unfortunately I didn't keep the twenty pounds off. I love to eat, and the foods I REALLY love to eat aren't conducive to keeping weight down. So I need to start over again. Next week I go in for more blood tests to see the actual damage my weight gain has caused. I'm not looking forward to it. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Why can't I be happy with an apple instead of a big slice of cake?

There's got to be an answer somewhere. Last year I was scared enough to take the weight off to get things fixed. But apparently I wasn't scared enough to continue to eat right. It's kinda like getting my car fixed in order to drive it in a drag race. Stupid.

Maybe I need to add an eating goal to my daily list. Five daily goals sounds like stretching it, but I'll try anything for a week. There are some days when I can’t do four of them. But if I don’t put things in writing, often nothing gets done. So here we go:

1. Write 750 words

2. Do something creative for at least an hour

3. Clean or organize for at least a half hour

4. Walk a mile

5. Limit myself to one small treat per day

Not much, but it's a start.

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