Friday, February 12, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

My daughter says I’m a hoarder.

Maybe I am. I hate to throw things out. I wonder why. It’s not like we’re hurting and having to pinch pennies. But I’m always afraid that if I throw something out, I’ll be sorry later.

Last week I watched a show on the Discovery Health Channel about Hoarders. There were two shows back to back, and I watched them both hoping I’d get some insight. There was a woman admitted that when she was seven her father burned all her belongings and it really hurt her (apparently she was an army brat and every time she moved she lost her friends, but was able to keep her stuff – until her dad burned it). That sounded like something that would be emotionally scarring. There was another woman who was a hoarder because her dad was one. Both women got professional help to overcome their difficulties.

I’m not afraid of someone taking my “stuff” and burning it. I think my parents like to keep things – their basement and two and a half stall garage are full of things they haven’t used in years and probably won’t use. But I don’t think they’re hoarders. They just have lots of stuff. I have lots of stuff too, but I can’t seem to organize it.

A lot of it is craft stuff. I like to make things, and it always seems like I get a lot more supplies than I need. And I have a lot more stuff than I have time for. But I’m afraid to get rid of it, because SOMEDAY I’m going have time for all these projects.

I just hope I can remember where it all is.

Writing: I finished my 40,000-word challenge – a day early! Tomorrow I find out if I win one of three gift certificates to Barnes and Noble.

Eating: I started a food journal. Things went well for about three days. Tomorrow I’m going to go for five good days in a row. Gotta keep starting over! Still going to the gym regularly.

Creativity: things were pretty much on hold while pursuing the writing challenge. I did manage to make it to my sewing group – I made 25 fleece hats for some of the ministries in West Michigan. Next week should be better! I have some ideas I want to try.

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